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August Wings

October is a special month for August Wings.  First, both of our babies were due in October.  Second, October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.  In honor of this, we are selling "I have footprints on my heart" key chains (shown below) for just $10.  This price includes tax and shipping.  We are taking orders through email (  Include your complete mailing address in your email.  We will send you an invoice for payment.  Thanks for supporting us this month and always!!
August Wings knows all too well the pain that comes from the loss of a child. We understand how a truly broken heart feels. We hope to help bereaved mothers stay connected to their babies through matching necklaces. Mother and baby can be joined permanently by sharing a heart forever. The broken hearts are given to bereaved mothers, after their baby has passed away. The baby's half stays with the baby, whether it gets buried with the baby, in the baby's urn after cremation, or simply in the baby's keepsake box. The mother's half will be worn on her so that her and her child will always be together. These hearts are not for sale. We put them in the memory box that is given to the mother at the hospital in hopes that she will be able to put the baby's necklace on him/her before it's time to say the dreadful goodbye. If the mother finds out about this gift once the baby has already been laid to rest, we would still love to give the mom one for her to keep the baby's half where ever they find most meaningful. The heart below shows mom's half on the left and baby's half on the right.  These necklaces are provided free of charge through August Wings.  This program is funded by the profits made from the sales of our other products.  Please visit our "products" page to support this effort.
***If you would like to request our broken heart necklaces for yourself, please go to the REQUEST BROKEN HEART tab and complete the request form.***

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